3D Set Renderings Made Easy

3D Set Renderings Made Easy

Using Sketchup in Preproduction Collaboration

For collaboration during preproduction of When Fact Met Fiction, Stefan utilized the easy to use Sketchup application to create 3D visual models of the production space. Since the shoot was on location, and currently occupied by others, being able to model the space as it would be dressed for production was key. Having to-scale 3D renderings insured the crew had the opportunity to be on “the same page” on day one of principal photography. Set dressing, lighting and camera angles were all effectively worked out ahead of time thanks to having a virtual model of the space. Here’s a plan view showing exterior patio, interior set, green room, and make-up/hair/wardrobe (left to right).

Above, you can see the location of the camera gear/tripods drafted in at the bottom of the plan view. It was a 3-camera shoot. Below is a bird’s-eye of Celeste’s office in the back corner of the set.

This space ended up being dressed differently for production, but having a virtual view gave the DP a way to assess potential lighting conditions. The partition wall shown above (and below – near back left of room) creates both a visual plane and concealed the lighting gear for that space. Below, is a view of the actual set during a break between shots once production was underway.

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